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AGENDA OPPOSITIONS OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY GENERALITAT VALENCIANA Exclusive access for subscribers until the exam date. Online syllabus and additional downloadable material […]

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Exclusive access for subscribers until the exam date.

Online syllabus and additional downloadable material

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  • 📚Origins of Occupational Therapy. TO in Spain: history and development. World occupational therapy organizations.

  • 📚Primary frames of reference. Conceptual frameworks of reference. Own models of occupational therapy. Framework for the practice of OT (AOTA).

  • 📚Code of ethics of Occupational Therapy.

  • 📚Analysis of the activity. Models for activity analysis and activity grading.

  • 📚Skills and abilities of the occupational therapist, and their contribution to teamwork.

  • 📚Intervention approaches in occupational therapy: health promotion, restoration, maintenance, modification and prevention of disability. Education for individual, group and community health in occupational therapy: concept, methodology and teaching techniques.

  • 📚Foundations of evidence-based clinical practice. Bibliographic databases, documentary sources of evidence and bibliographic review. Instruments of scientific evidence.

  • 📚Concept of adaptations and support products. Classification, functions and selection criteria. Support products for personal autonomy.

  • 📚Evaluation and intervention of the occupational therapist on housing, work and environment. Physical, architectural and psychosocial barriers. Ergonomics. Accessibility Criteria. Accident prevention. Home automation.

  • 📚Orthotics. Definition. Types of orthoses. Classification. Principles of preparation and use.

  • 📚Definition of Health from the World Health Organization (WHO). International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF): Model of Functioning and Disability and ICF-IA. Relationship between the ICD-10 and the ICF.

  • 📚Intervention of the occupational therapist in the Promotion of Personal Autonomy and Care for People in Dependent Situations. Social services law in the Valencian Community.

  • 📚Occupational therapy in Primary Care and home.

  • 📚Occupational therapy in childhood.

  • 📚Occupational therapy in mental health. PART I. Occupational therapy in mental health in childhood and adolescence. PART II. Occupational therapy in adults. Comprehensive Care from a Psychosocial and community perspective.

  • 📚DCA Children. DCA Adult. Altered states of consciousness. DCA phases. Sensory-motor and cognitive assessment, functional assessment for activities of daily living. Intervention in DCA. Training and functional re-education according to the different techniques applied to occupational therapy.

  • 📚Occupational Therapy in sensory disabilities.

  • 📚Assessment, planning and intervention in Traumatological and musculotendinous injuries of the upper limb

  • 📚Intervention in the amputee patient: Types of prostheses and description of their use. Performance in the peri-prosthetic period, training with the prosthesis, care of it. The amputee patient and activities of daily living.

  • 📚Occupational therapy intervention in neurodegenerative diseases. Peripheral nerve injuries. Spinal cord injury.

  • 📚Assessment, planning and intervention of Occupational Therapy in cardiac and respiratory disease.

  • 📚Occupational therapy intervention in the burned patient.

  • 📚Evaluation, planning and intervention of occupational therapy in rheumatological processes.

  • 📚Occupational therapy in oncology. Intervention of occupational therapy in Palliative Care. Occupational therapy intervention in chronic pain.

  • 📚Occupational therapy intervention in geriatrics.

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